Your trash, can be your treasure!   All you have to do is put a sign somewhere in your heavy garbage pile that reads"

"101.9 The Giant Pick-Me-Up!"

And send us a pic!

The first week in May, Rob and Tashia Lee will head out with dozens of gift cards for the piles that say "101.9 The Giant Pick Me Up"

Someone will win a $1000 Gift Card from Tirecraft!

The Neatest pile will get a $500 Gift Card for Stephen's RONA!

To enter, simply email your name and address and picture of your pile to onair@giant1019.com!  Remember your picture must include "101.9 The Giant Pick Me Up" somewhere in the garbage pile

Your sign could be anything!  Old letter magnets on a fridge, spraypaint on an old wardrobe, anything you can think of!  But it must clearly say "101.9 The Giant Pick Me Up"

Deadline for submissions is midnight April 30th


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